79 acres on the waterfront: Who could go there?

The site's new owner, U.S. development firm St. Joe, plans to redevelop it.The old industrial site will soon have a new owner, with plans to redevelop it.

79 acres on the waterfront: Who could go there?

According to Jacksonville industrial brokers, the Talleyrand Marine Terminal has opened for bids. It could be a site that is attractive with many potential users.

Southeast Toyota Distributors currently occupies the 79-acre site. They plan to move into a new facility of 380,000 square feet on Blount island by 2025. According to procurement documents, the terminal has 109,000 square-feet of assembly space and a 61,000-square-foot processing facility. It also includes 17,500 square feet for office space. The terminal has a maintenance building of 34,000 square feet, a cafeteria of 11,500 square feet and a wellness center of 7,500 sq ft. It also has a parking lot with a size 22 acres.

Jacksonville Port Authority (which owns the property) is accepting responses until June 21, to a request issued last week.

Tyler Newman, Cushman & Wakefield's Executive Director of Industrial Services, ruled out certain uses. He said that a heavy manufacturing tenant or a tenant in the fuel industry would be difficult to find, and that there was not enough frontage on the site for a ship repair tenant.

There are still many other options.

Break bulk would be the best solution. Many specialty manufacturers could build a facility in this space. Newman stated that the depth of the channel is a factor in determining who will use it. "The cars definitely, because it has already been proven to work. So it could be another car distributor."

Newman stated that the site was connected to rail and has more than 2,200 foot on the water. The potential for jobs could make different sectors of the maritime look at Jacksonville.

Newman stated, "I think it will open up an opportunity that we've never thought of before."

Jason Purdy, NAI Hallmark vice president and CEO, said that a site like Talleyrand is not available all the time.

Purdy stated that the site was very flexible. There are many options, especially with the rapid growth of the area.

Purdy stated that the growth in cold storage, auto part distribution, light manufacturing, and the furniture industry ensured Jacksonville's industrial demand was high. Toyota's decision to move forward gives the industry ample time to attract quality customers.

Purdy stated, "I believe it will reduce some of the demand." "You've seen the supply problems with ports, but we didn’t see it here. We increased our capacity. This is related to how important it was to get consumer products in. Shipment is so much cheaper than trucking, and you can reach 100 million consumers within a few days from Jacksonville. That's huge."

Rich Antczak, Senior Vice President of Newmark Phoenix Realty Group, said that Toyota has operated on the site since 1960 and that it is rare to find a site like this available. He said that container freight, automotive, and breakbulk could be used.

Antczak stated that Talleyrand was a very versatile property. It will bring in a high-quality company and help fill the warehouses from an industrial perspective.