A Quick One-Pot Pasta to Make the Most of Summer Zucchini and Basil

The text suggests pairing a meal or event with Rebekah Peppler's Tequila Soleil, a tequila Negroni cocktail topped with beer.

A Quick One-Pot Pasta to Make the Most of Summer Zucchini and Basil

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Hello! I've returned from my holiday, feeling refreshed, sporting a sunburn, and delightfully well-nourished. Even though cooking is a part of my profession, it's also my sanctuary of joy, and a holiday provides me with the extra time and mental freedom to indulge in it. I had the luxury of spending as much time as I wanted, conjuring up meal plans, playing around with new ingredients, and meticulously arranging garnishes and adorable appetizers.

During the busy workweek at home, it's crucial to prepare delicious meals quickly. A great option is Alexa Weibel's one-pot zucchini-basil pasta. She simplifies the process by cooking the pasta in vegetable broth, which is then reduced to a sauce enhanced with creamy mascarpone. The dish is topped with a gremolata made from chopped salted almonds, parsley, and basil, providing a fresh and crunchy texture. It's a strong choice for the upcoming zucchini season.

By the way, have you made a loaf of zucchini bread this summer yet? Alternatively, for a surprising and savory option, why not try Zuni Café's zucchini pickles with turmeric and mustard seeds? The recipe, adapted by David Tanis, is served with burgers at the restaurant and is sure to be a hit with your burgers as well.

For some, enjoying a burger isn't complete without a cold beer. However, Rebekah Peppler takes it a step further by incorporating it into a cocktail. Her creation, the Tequila Soleil, is a fusion of a tequila Negroni and a spritz, with a refreshing I.P.A. replacing the typical sparkling wine.

With summer in full swing, our senior editor, Krysten Chambrot, has compiled a collection of 24 no-cook recipes that highlight the season's finest produce. Included in this roundup is Naz Deravian's naan-o paneer-o sabzi, a traditional Persian dish featuring fresh herbs, feta, and flatbread, which is often considered the centerpiece of Iranian cuisine. Additionally, Yewande Komolafe utilizes a rotisserie chicken to create a delightful herb salad with nuoc cham. The preparation time is a mere five minutes, but the enjoyment lasts all summer long.

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