Acelyrin, Inc. (NASDAQ:SLRN) Major Shareholder Biopartners Fund Ii Westlake Purchases 1,250,000 Shares

Biopartners fund Ii Westlake, a major shareholder of the company, purchased 1,250,000 stock shares in a deal on Tuesday May 9th. Stock was purchased at an average of $18.00 a share for a $22,500,000.00 transaction. The insider owns approximately $176.233.122 worth of stock after the completion of this transaction. The SEC requires large shareholders who own 10% or more shares of a corporation to report their sales and purchases.

Acelyrin Price Performance

Trading rose $0.45 on Thursday to $25.37. The trading volume was 3,344,423 compared to the average of 1,761,831 shares. Acelyrin, Inc.'s 12-month low is $22.00, and its 12-month high is $25.84. offers a FREE daily email newsletter