Advanced Micro Devices Stock Sees RS Rating Jump To 83

Advanced Micro Devices stock is a good stock to put on your watch list.

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Sees RS Rating Jump To 83

Focus on stocks that have an RS rating of 80 or more when deciding which names to add to your watchlist. The stock of Advanced Micro Devices, AMD, just achieved this criteria with a score of 83.

Relative price strength is a factor to consider when deciding which stocks to purchase and monitor.

This proprietary rating shows the relative performance of a stock over the past 52 weeks. It uses a score ranging from 1 (worst), to 99 (best).

Market research over the past few decades has shown that stocks with the highest RS Ratings are often those which have their best performance when they begin to climb.

Is Advanced Micro Devices stock a buy?

Advanced Micro Devices is undergoing a consolidation, with an entry of 102.53. Check if the stock can break out at a volume that is 40% higher than average. For more tips, read "".

Chipmaker reported negative growth in both sales and profits last quarter. Stocks fell by 9% after Q1 results, but have recovered nicely since.

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