Bank of America Raises NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) Price Target to $550.00

issued research reports about the stock. Bank of America raises NVIDIA's price target from $500 to $550.

In a report released on Tuesday morning, the amount was increased from $500.00 up to $550.00.

Recent reports have been released by other analysts about the company. Jefferies Financial group raised their price target for NVIDIA in a report published on June 20th from $472.00 up to $500.00. Sanford C. Bernstein raised their price target for NVIDIA in a report published on Thursday, 25th May from $300.00 up to $475.00. In a report published on Thursday 18th May, NVIDIA was covered. The stock was given a hold rating. Daiwa Capital Markets, in a report published on Thursday 29th June, upgraded NVIDIA's rating from neutral to outperform and raised their target price from $408.00 up to $475.00. One analyst gave the stock a sell recommendation, six a hold recommendation, 31 a buy recommendation, and one a strong purchase recommendation. On Tuesday, the stock opened at $455.20. The stock's market cap is $1.12 trillion. It has a PE of 237.08, P/E/G of 3.14, and beta of 1.74. The company's current ratio is 3.43. Its quick ratio is 2.79. And its debt-to equity ratio is 0.40. NVIDIA's 1 year low is $108.13, and its 1 year high is $480.88. The 50-day simple moving is $397.23, and the 200-day simple is $290.28.

The last time ) released quarterly earnings was on May 24th. The computer hardware manufacturer reported $1.09 in earnings per share for the quarter. This beat analysts' estimates of $0.92, by $0.17. Revenue for the quarter was $7.19 billion, which is higher than analysts' expectations of $6.5 billion. NVIDIA's return on equity was 23.63%, and its net margin was 18.52%. NVIDIA's revenue for the quarter was down 13.2% compared to last year. In the same quarter of the prior year, NVIDIA posted earnings per share of $1.18. Analysts on the sell-side predict that NVIDIA's earnings per share will be 6.43 for this year.

NVIDIA Dividend Announcement

A quarterly dividend was also paid by the company on Friday 30th June. The $0.04 dividend was paid to shareholders who were registered on the Thursday, June 8, 2008. The ex-dividend day was Wednesday, 7th June. This is a $0.16 dividend with a yield of 0.04 percent. NVIDIA has a dividend payout ratio of 8.33%.

Insider Activities

In a transaction that took place on Thursday, 18th May, 23,084 shares were sold. The stock was bought at a price of $305 on average, resulting in a value of $7,040 620.00. The executive vice president owns directly 139,860 of the company's shares, worth approximately $42,657,000. The company sold 6,124 of its shares in a deal that took place on May 30th. The stock was purchased at an average of $406.51, resulting in a transaction total of $2,489 467.24. The chief financial officer owns directly 538,745 of the company stock valued at about $219,005,229.95. In a transaction on May 18th, 23,084 shares were sold. The stock was bought at an average of $305.00 for a value of $7040620.00. The executive vice president owns directly 139,860 of the company's shares, worth $42,657.300. Insiders sold 368.271 shares worth $147.115.953 in the last quarter. Insiders hold 3.99% of a company's shares.

Institutional Trading of NVIDIA

Recently, hedge funds and institutional investors increased or decreased their stakes. Contravisory Investment Management Inc. purchased a new position of shares in NVIDIA during the first quarter, valued at about $28,000. Nordwand Advisors LLC bought a stake in NVIDIA valued at approximately $28,000 during the first quarter. Graham Capital Wealth Management LLC acquired a new stake in NVIDIA shares in the first-quarter worth approximately $311,102,000. Quarry LP bought a new NVIDIA position in the first quarter for about $34,000. 25 LLC also purchased shares of NVIDIA during the first quarter, worth approximately $46,000. Institutional investors own 64.00% the stock.


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