Buhler Industries (TSE:BUI) Stock Price Crosses Below Fifty Day Moving Average of $2.22

C$2.16. Buhler Industries shares last traded at C$2.17, with a volume of 14,000 shares. Buhler Industries Inc's share price fell below its 50 day moving average of C$2.22 during trading on Tuesday. The stock traded as low as C$2.16 and last traded at C$2.17, with a volume of 14,000 shares.

The share price of ) fell below its 50-day moving average on Tuesday during trading. Stock has a moving average of C$2.22 but traded as low C$2.14. Buhler shares were last traded at C$2.14, and 200 shares changed hands.

Buhler Industries Stock Up 3.7 %

The company has a simple moving-average of C$2.22 for the next 50 days and C$2.11 for the next 200 days. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 65.69. It has a quick ratio (0.27) and a current rate of 1.89. The market capitalization of the stock is C$55.50m, with a P/E of -55.50. It has a beta value of 0.11.

Buhler Industries

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Buhler Industries Inc., through its subsidiaries manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment throughout Canada, the United States and internationally. Its main products are tractors, grain augers and snowblowers, tillers and finishing mowers.

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