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Business and Economics

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Exxon Mobil profits in the worst way possible for the rest of us by doubling down on fossil-fuels.

The Chinese economy cannot be saved by political repression.

As China stumbles, Ohio rebounds.

What Sohrab Ahmari’s doubts tell us about his former cause, and the economy and culture.

Local news organizations face a crisis and the courts must protect their constitutional right to report news.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the oil industry has no desire or ability to chart a course toward a future of cleaner energy.

Trump was inevitable because of the modern meritocracy.

We need an agile, adaptable agency that has the knowledge, resources, and authority to control the tech giants who dominate our digital lives.


Lindsey Graham

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Elizabeth Warren

Prices can go up without necessarily going down.

The rulings of the court are not final. Common-sense laws can often provide powerful protection for the people.

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