China Retaliates After Canada Expels Its Diplomat Over 'Political Interference'

Canada and China both expelled their diplomats as a tit-fortat move after Canada booted out a Chinese diplomatic based in Toronto on Monday, Zhao Wei.

The Canadian government has

He was accused of political interference

The allegations were first made public in a report leaked by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The CSIS report found that a Chinese diplomat accredited in Canada had made efforts to undermine the Canadian government.

Targeting opposition legislator Michael Chong and his relatives in China

Beijing called it "lies".

The alleged targeting occurred after Chong sponsored an motion condemning China's treatment towards its Uyghur Muslim minorities.

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CNN. The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, first reported the intelligence in its issue of earlier this month.

This episode follows a number of reports and accusations by Western officials that Chinese intelligence officials and diplomats have been involved in

intimidation campaigns abroad

The program is aimed at dissidents in politics and their families.

Chong was targeted by an intimidation campaign because he spent years leading Canada's legislative effort to slap a label of "genocide", especially in relation to the treatment of Uyghur Muslim minorities.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has promised to hold China responsible, telling reporters Tuesday.

"We will not be intimidated." "We will continue to do all that we can to protect Canadians from foreign interference."

Beijing responded swiftly, and the Foreign Ministry was involved.

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Tuesday, the Chinese government condemned a "smear" campaign against it, rooted in "ideologically-based political manipulation" that was "nonsensical", and full of "lies".

The Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei was declared a 'persona grata'

The Foreign Ministry introduced "reciprocal measures in response to Canada's unscrupulous action" which includes

Jennifer Lynn Lalonde is a Canadian diplomat in Shanghai.

China has given her a four-day deadline to leave.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Ministry, said:

We urge the Canadian side immediately to stop all provocations

"China will respond firmly and forcefully if the Canadian side ignores advice and behaves recklessly." The situation is deteriorating and could lead to further diplomatic expulsions or trade restrictions.