Chipotle accuses Sweetgreen of trademark infringement over its ‘chipotle chicken' bowl

Chipotle is suing Sweetgreen over trademark infringement for their recently released salad bowl.

Chipotle accuses Sweetgreen of trademark infringement over its ‘chipotle chicken' bowl

New York CNN

Chipotle Mexican Grill has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Sweetgreen over its recently launched salad bowl.

Chipotle filed a lawsuit on Tuesday claiming that Sweetgreen’s ‘Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl’ is being marketed with a ‘very similar and direct competitive’ manner, which is similar to Chipotle’s chicken burrito. Sweetgreen announced the salad in a press statement last week. The new menu item is said to use 'chipotle spice'.

Chipotle claims that Sweetgreen's salad has similar ingredients including chicken and a grain-based base (i.e. Rice and black beans are included in the Sweetgreen salad. Chipotle also takes issue with Sweetgreen’s marketing, accusing it of using its trademark prominently.

Sweetgreen confirmed that it was aware of Chipotle’s lawsuit but declined to comment.

Shares of the salad chain fell by more than 10% after Wednesday's news.

Chipotle accused Sweetgreen as well of using the same font on its website to promote their new salad. Sweetgreen also uses a color that is 'nearly the same' as Chipotle Adobo Red.

Chipotle, in a statement sent to CNN, said that it was 'committed' to protecting its valuable trademarks and Intellectual Property. It added that "consistently with that, we'll take appropriate action whenever necessary to safeguard our rights and brand."

Chipotle (CMG), in its lawsuit, claimed that Sweetgreen "continued their infringing behavior" after it contacted them to stop. Chipotle (CMG) suggested Sweetgreen change the name of their new bowl to 'chicken with chipotle' by using chipotle lowercase and changing the spelling.