Critical Comparison: TrustCo Bank Corp NY (NASDAQ:TRST) vs. First Bancorp (NASDAQ:FBNC)

businesses based on the strength of their profitability, dividends, analyst recommendations, earnings, institutional ownership, valuation and risk. First Bancorp is the better investment according to this analysis.

Which is the better investment? We will compare these two companies on the basis of their dividends and risk, profitability, institutional owners, analyst recommendations, earnings, valuation, and earnings per share.

Insiders & Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors hold 65.3% TrustCo Bank Corp NY's shares. Comparatively speaking, institutional investors hold 69.4% First Bancorp's shares. Insiders own 3.3% of TrustCo Bank Corp NY's shares. Comparatively speaking, 3.7% First Bancorp shares were held by insiders. This table compares TrustCo Bank Corp NY with First Bancorp in terms of net margins and returns on equity.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

TrustCo Bank Corp NY




First Bancorp





TrustCo Bank Corp NY has a dividend yield on its shares of 4.9% and pays an annual dividend per share of $1.44. First Bancorp pays a $0.88 annual dividend per share with a 2.7% dividend yield. TrustCo Bank Corp NY distributes 36.3% its earnings as a dividend. First Bancorp distributes 24.9% its earnings as a dividend. Both companies have good payout ratios, and they should be able cover their dividend payments in the coming years. TrustCo Bank Corp NY increased its dividends for one consecutive year and First Bancorp increased its dividends for two consecutive years.

Volatility, Risk and Cost

TrustCo Bank Corp NY's beta is 0.9. This means that its stock price is 10% less volatile compared to the S&P 500. First Bancorp, on the other hand, has a beta value of 1.07 which means that its share price will be 7% more volatile than S&P 500.

Analyst Ratings has provided a list of ratings and recommendations for TrustCo Bank Corp NY, and First Bancorp.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score

TrustCo Bank Corp NY






First Bancorp






TrustCo Bank Corp NY currently has a consensus target price of $36, which suggests a potential gain of 22.24 percent. First Bancorp's consensus price target is $41.33, which suggests a potential gain of 24.61%. Analysts clearly prefer First Bancorp to TrustCo Bank Corp NY, given its higher consensus rating and greater potential upside.

Value and Earnings

This table compares TrustCo Bank Corp NY's top line revenue, earnings per shared (EPS), and valuation with First Bancorp.

Gross Revenue

Price/Sales Ratio

Net Income

Earnings per Share

Price/Earnings ratio

TrustCo Bank Corp NY

$55.86 Million


75.23 Million



First Bancorp

$408.94 Million


$146.94 Million



First Bancorp's revenue and earnings are higher than TrustCo Bank Corp NY. TrustCo Bank Corp NY trades at a lower Price-to-Earnings Ratio than First Bancorp. This indicates that it is the more affordable stock.

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First Bancorp is superior to TrustCo Bank Corp NY in 12 out of 17 factors.

TrustCo Bank Corp NY

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TrustCo Bank Corp NY is the holding company of Trustco Bank. Trustco Bank is a federal savings institution that offers personal and business banking to individuals, partnerships and corporations. It offers deposits, loans and investment opportunities. It is also a real-estate investment trust, which acquires, manages and holds real-estate mortgage assets including residential mortgages and mortgage backed securities. The firm also acts as executors of estates, trustees of personal trusts and provides asset and wealth-management, estate planning, related advice and custodial service. It also acts as trustees for different types of employee benefits plans and corporate pensions and profit-sharing trusts. The company was established in 1902, and its headquarters are in Glenville.

First Bancorp

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First Bancorp (North Carolina), a bank holding, is a company that engages in the banking industry, accepting deposits and making loans. It offers a variety of deposit products, such as checking, saving, NOW and money market account, as well time deposits including different types of certificates and individual retirement accounts. It offers credit cards, debit card, safe deposit boxes, bank money orders, electronic funds transfers, and wire transfers. The company also offers loans to consumers and businesses for various purposes including business, agriculture and real estate loans, personal loans, home improvements, automobiles, and loans for personal use. offers a FREE daily email newsletter