Earthquake Swarms Rattle Southern California

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As reported by the US-Mexico Border, an earthquake swarm rumbled through the Salton Sea area of Southern California, and its border with Mexico, over the weekend. Seismic activity reached up to a 4.5 magnitude.

Sacramento Bee


US Geological Survey data show the first earthquake struck at 12:08 pm local time on Saturday near the US-Mexico Border, approximately 60 miles south from the Salton Sea. It measured 4.1 magnitude. After the initial shock, dozens of tremors were reported.

USGS data revealed that on Sunday morning a quake of 4.5 magnitude struck just east of Salton Sea and 4 miles west-southwest from Niland. There were also dozens of tremors.

According to the USGS intensity map of the quakes, they were felt in Palm Desert Indio El Centro and Mexicali.

A series of earthquakes rocked Pacifica, in Northern California, last month. Earlier this summer,

Los Angeles experienced a quake

Humboldt County, California was

Hit in December


In the southern part of the state, it is yet to be determined if these swarms are a sign that larger earthquakes may occur.