Hims & Hers Health, Inc. (NYSE:HIMS) Sees Significant Drop in Short Interest

shares, a decline of 31.8% from the April 30th total of 30,580,000 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 6,823,000 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is presently 3.1 days. Hims & Hers Health Inc. experienced a significant decline in short interest during the month of May.

( ) saw a notable decline in short interest for the month of may. On May 15th there were 20,940,000 shorted shares. This is a 7.0% decrease from the total 22,510,000 on April 30th. Presently, 17.0% are short-sold. The days-to-cover is currently 5.4 based on an average trading volume 3,860,000 shares.

His & Hers Health Trading up 0.7 %

On Wednesday, the price of the stock rose $0.06 to $8.94. The company's average trading volume is 3,239 069. The company has a $1.87 billion market capitalization, a P/E ratio of -30.83, and a beta value of 0.47. Hims & Hers Health's 52-week low is $3.54, and its 52-week high is $12.34. The company last released its results on May 8th. The company posted ($0.05) per share earnings for the quarter. This beat the consensus estimate ($0.06) of $0.01 by $0.01. Revenue for the quarter was $190.80 millions, which is higher than the consensus estimate of just $179.07million. Hims & Hers Health reported a negative equity return of 18.97%, and a net margin of negative 9.65%. Revenue for the firm was up by 88.4% when compared with the same quarter in the previous year. In the same quarter last year, the company had earned (0.08) EPS. Analysts expect Hims & Hers Health to post a -0.21 per share average for the current fiscal.

Wall Street analysts weigh in

Many research firms have commented on HIMS. Guggenheim raised their price target on Hims & Hers Health shares from $15.00 up to $18.00 on Thursday, the 27th of April. Bank of America raised their price target for shares of Hims & Hers Health in a report published on Tuesday, 9th May from $13.50 up to $15. Citigroup increased their price target on shares of Hims & Hers Health to $14.00 in a research report on Tuesday, 28th February. They also gave the stock a buy' rating. Robert W. Baird started covering Hims & Hers Health on Tuesday, April 11, in a research note. The stock was given a rating of 'neutral,' and the price target set at $10.00. In a report published on March 1st, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft increased their price target on Hims & Hers Health, from $7.00 up to $9.00. Three analysts at equities firms have given the stock a hold rating, while six others have given the company a buy rating. MarketBeat data shows that the stock currently has a consensus of 'Moderate buy' with an average price target of $11.91.

Insider Buying & Selling at Hims & Hers Health

On Friday, 5th May, 19,032 stock shares were sold in a single transaction. The shares were bought at an average of $12.04 for a transaction totaling $229,145.28. The chief operating officer owns approximately $5,014,816.52 worth of stock after the transaction. In a transaction dated May 5, 2009, the company sold 19,032 Hims & Hers Health shares. The shares were purchased at a price of $12.04 on average, resulting in a transaction total of $229.145.28. After the transaction was completed, the chief executive officer owns directly 416,513 of the company's shares, worth approximately $5,014,816.52. Insider Irene Becklund also sold 6,170 Hims & Hers Health shares in a deal that took place on Friday, 17th March. The stock was bought at $9.79 on average, for a transaction totaling $60,404.30. After the sale is complete, the insider owns 15,323 of the company's shares, valued at $15,012.17. In the past three months, insiders sold a total 222,285 company shares worth $2,258,062. Insiders own 35.22 % of the company's stock.

Inflows of Institutional Capital and Outflows

During the fourth quarter, Fox Run Management L.L.C. acquired a position in Hims & Hers Health valued at approximately $111,000. Lazard Asset Management LLC bought a new Hims & Hers Health position in the third quarter for approximately $51,000. Blue Investment Partners LLC bought a new Hims & Hers Health position in the 4th Quarter valued at approximately 234,000. Connor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. bought a new share of Hims & Hers Health in the third quarter, valued at $616,000. ProShare Advisors LLC also increased its holdings in Hims & Hers Health shares by 16.7% in the 4th Quarter. ProShare Advisors LLC owns 15,617 of the company’s stock worth $100,000, after buying an additional 2,238 share during the last quarter. Institutional investors own 45.60% of the company's stock.

His & Hers Health

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Hims & Hers Health, Inc. operates a multispecialty telehealth system that connects licensed healthcare professionals with consumers. Customers can purchase a variety of health and wellbeing products and services directly from the company's website and mobile app. The company also offers prescription medication and ongoing healthcare from healthcare providers, as well as over-the-counter drugs and devices, cosmetics and supplement products. Its primary focus is on wellness, sexual wellness, skin care, and haircare.

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