Hurricane Idalia barrels toward Florida

The storm has weakened slightly before making landfall, and is now a Category 3 hurricane with 125 mph winds and higher gusts.

Hurricane Idalia barrels toward Florida

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Hurricane Idalia has been upgraded to Category 3 with winds of 125 mph

Brandon Miller, CNN Meteorologist

Hurricane Idalia is now a Category 3, with winds of 125 mph and higher gusts.

The storm is still dangerous despite the fact that the wind speed has decreased by only 5 mph since the last update.

The storm had intensified earlier into a Category 4 Hurricane with winds of up to 130 mph, before it began to weaken.

The National Hurricane Center reported that radar and Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter data indicated an eyewall replacement has started. The National Hurricane Center said that 'Idalia’s maximum sustained wind speed is now estimated at 125 mph with higher gusts. This change in wind speeds does not lessen the threat of catastrophic winds and storm surge.

A natural cycle that strong hurricanes, typhoons and other storms follow is the replacement of eyewalls. This occurs when a new eye develops inside the eye.

Wind gusts of up to 55 mph were recorded at Cedar Key and Apalachee bay within the last hour.

27 minutes ago

North Florida and Southern Georgia are facing a dangerous situation

Mary Gilbert, CNN meteorologist

Idalia, a powerful Category 3 Hurricane, is nearing landfall in Florida’s Big Bend region on Wednesday morning. It will bring destructive and life-threatening impacts to its center.

The hurricane will continue to gain strength as it continues its path through the southeast US.

Idalia is still a powerful storm as it moves through northern Florida late Wednesday morning, and then across southeast Georgia Wednesday afternoon.

During this period, damaging winds could extend far beyond the center of the hurricane and cause long-lasting power outages in the area.

As the hurricane moves to the southeast of Tallahassee on Wednesday morning, the city will experience sustained winds between 25 and 35 mph, with gusts around 60 mph. Idalia will bring sustained winds up to 55 mph, with peak gusts of 110 mph, to areas in the inland like Valdosta.

From Florida's Big Bend through Georgia, torrential flooding rain is also possible into Wednesday night. The worst of the wind and rain in Idalia will not reach the Carolinas until Wednesday evening and into Thursday.

45 minutes ago

Treasure Island's "conditions continue deteriorating," Pinellas County officials claim

Melissa Alonso, CNN

In a storm update issued Wednesday morning, Pinellas County officials warned that "conditions continue to worsen on Treasure Island."

The update stated that "there's another high-tide at 11:30 am, which could create more flooding and surge."

Treasure Island officials reported that conditions include "storm surges, street flooding and tree limbs scattered." They also mentioned "debris [and] power failures."

Officials have announced that the bridges around Treasure Island are closed. Treasure Island Police will "patrol the Treasure Island Causeway, restricting access to Treasure Island," officials announced.

Treasure Island is a barrier-island located off the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

50 minutes ago

DeSantis advises Florida residents to stay put until Idalia passes them: "Just be prepared and wait for it to pass you."

Ron DeSantis warned Florida residents that Hurricane Idalia is approaching the Gulf Coast of Florida.

You can stay inside until the wind passes you. This wind is not something to mess around with. He said that there would be things flying everywhere at his news conference on Wednesday morning.

"We only hope everyone stays safe. "Don't risk your life by doing something stupid at this time," he said.

DeSantis stated that officials would begin searching and rescuing missions as soon it is safe.

Florida is ready with the following resources to help you when your efforts start.

DeSantis also said that the Coast Guard was on standby in case they were needed.

1 hr and 11 min ago

Idalia brings a rare extreme wind warning

CNN's Eric Zerkel & Mary Gilbert

The eyewall of Idalia, the most intense wind ring that surrounds its calm eye, has come ashore in Florida's Dixie County and Taylor County.

Warnings are issued when sustained winds exceeding 115 mph can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

Take immediate action to protect your life! Act now to save your life. The National Weather Service in Tallahassee warned.

1 hr and 15 minutes ago

DeSantis gives an update on Idalia

Ron DeSantis provides an update about Hurricane Idalia.

The storm is now a Category 4 Hurricane, and it will make landfall in Florida's Gulf Coast on Wednesday morning.

1 hr 32 min ago

Cedar Key, Florida will soon "unrecognisable" according to a Florida resident who rode out Idalia in order to help his elderly neighbors

Michael Bobbitt, a resident of Cedar Key in Florida, decided to stay and ride out Hurricane Idalia as it intensified to Category 4. He wanted to assist those who had ignored the warnings about evacuating before the storm hit.

Bobbitt said to CNN's Phil Mattingly, "I stayed back so I could help the elderly and infirm who just refused leave." "I am happy to announce that I managed to convince two of my elderly neighbours to leave." "I'm happy to report that I was able to get two of my elderly neighbors finally leave."

Bobbitt, who lives in Cedar Key and lost power recently due to the storm noted an "unprecedented surge" during his time living there.

He said, "We are starting to see apocalyptic scenes here." "The gulf rises up to swallow the boat ramp, Dock Street and all the tourist shops and restaurants."

We're just beginning to feel the effects. Bobbit said, "I think Cedar Key will look completely different in four hours."

Cedar Key is in Levy County. About 50 miles south of Gainesville, it is located on the Gulf of Mexico Coast in the northern part of Florida.

1 hr 35 min ago

St. Petersburg, Florida as Hurricane Idalia approaches the Gulf Coast

As dawn breaks in St. Petersburg Florida, heavy rains and flooding are being brought by Hurricane Idalia into the Tampa Bay region.

Idalia is a powerful Category 4, and it's now 60 miles west of Cedar Key, 90 miles south-east of Tallahassee, as it continues its path towards Florida's Big Bend.

While the storm is expected to land far north of Tampa Bay, the coastal regions further south like St. Petersburg are still reporting severe surges.

This morning, here's what St. Petersburg looks like:

1 hr 37 min ago

Nearly 60,000 Florida customers are in the dark before Idalia hits.

Melissa Alonso, CNN

According to, there are approximately 60,000 Florida customers who have lost power as Hurricane Idalia intensifies and becomes a Category 4.

As of 545 a.m. The majority of outages in the Big Bend area of the state are at 5:45 a.m. ET. Included in this are Taylor, Dixie, and Levy Counties.