Janet Mandell aims to make going out 'stress free' for women in New York City

Janet Mandell is expanding her business to a third location.

Janet Mandell aims to make going out 'stress free' for women in New York City

Janet Mandell is the founder of Janet Mandell - a women's luxury clothing rental company - and she wants to take the stress out of going out for women in New York City.

Mandell said to the New York Business Journal that "if they have an important event to attend, they worry about what to wear." Some women are not fashion-savvy, and this can be a stressful situation. "We help with that."

The fashion company signed a lease of 10 years for its first New York City store, which will open in the second half of this year.

Mandell explained that she rents out dresses for evening, cocktail dresses and even head-to-toe. It's better than buying, because you won't have to worry about trying to sell it or having it in your closet.

To try on items, customers must call or visit Janet Mandell's website to make an appointment. The stylist will help the customer choose the right outfit for their event.

Mandell said, "They will ensure that everything is secured and buckled." "They zip up." "They put everything back in the hanger."

Janet Mandell offers designer clothing, accessories, shoes and bags for rent. The average cost of a garment is $400, while the accessories can range anywhere from $175-500. A service fee is charged for the appointment.

Mandell stated, "We provide a service." "Every time you pay a doctor for a consult, you're paying a fee. The same thing. You are not given a dress, and then you're gone. "There are many elements in it."

The appointment fee in Los Angeles and Chicago is $75 and $50 respectively. Mandell has not yet decided what the fee for New York City will be.

Mandell stated that "there is parking across from the street which is rare in New York City." It's in a trendy area. It is very busy. "There are many residential buildings in the area."

Janet Mandell's New York location will be her third in the United States. Janet Mandell's ultimate goal is to be a national brand.

The space is 3,000 square foot on the ground floor, and 2,000 square foot on the lower level.

Rent is $150 per square foot.

Janet Mandell was represented by Collier's associate vice president Jake Horowitz and members of his team.