Local city laying groundwork for greater revitalization strategies

This city is working on economic development projects to improve outdoor spaces for the community. This is just the beginning of their development incentives and strategies to identify commercial and residential projects to incentivize in the future.

Local city laying groundwork for greater revitalization strategies

Dayton, Ohio has been working hard to implement economic development projects which will revitalize outdoor areas for the community. The goal is to identify commercial and residential developments that will be encouraged in the future.

Dan Wendt, the city manager of Vandalia, sat with the DBJ recently to provide a brief overview of these projects and incentives. He also explained how they would help shape Vandalia's future development.

What projects will soon be open for bidding?

Vandalia is accepting requests for qualification (RFQ) to conduct a market analysis. This study will determine what types of restaurants, commercial projects, entertainment and residential projects should be encouraged in Vandalia, as part of the greater revitalization strategy. I think we will be issuing RFQs for master planning of downtown development and active transport later this year, or early in 2024.

We plan to issue an RFQ for the design and preparation of construction documents to be bids on a new facility for public works located at Northwoods Boulevard. The City of Northwoods is currently accepting bids for approximately $1.5 Million in asphalt overlay and concret work. We will soon be announcing $927,000 in full-depth reconstruction for Clyde Place & Cyril Court, with all new utilities. A $979,000 resurfacing on Webster St. and the Dog Leg Road Phase II Utility Extension Project, which will extend the water and wastewater utilities into our Industrial Innovation Zone at the western corporate limit.

In partnership with Five Rivers Metro Parks we will build multi-use paths and bike lanes to connect US-40, South Brown School Road, and the Great Miami River Trail via Taylorsville Metro Park next year.

What are the most pressing needs in your city or town? What are the biggest needs in your city?

Our community has adopted a multi-pronged approach to create a sense place through strategic revitalization, to reduce the negative impact of commercial truck traffic, and to encourage developments that improve quality of life for visitors, residents, and corporate citizens.

What makes your area a good place for development?

Vandalia is full to the brim with hard-working people and neighbors who care. Vandalia City Council has consistently made strong and strategic decisions over the years. The location of the Vandalia Arts Council at the Interstate 70/Interstate 75 interchange, adjacent to Dayton International Airport and near the Dayton International Airport makes it a great place to live and do business.

What new initiatives is your department implementing, like growth and business initiatives?

Vandalia City Council implemented a Job Creation & Revitalization Program recently to leverage the ability of the city to help business partners revitalize our downtown at Dixie Drive & National Road. This will be a transformational decision. Our facade improvement program was also extended to include the entire corporate boundaries. Our team has recently implemented three 30-year non-school district tax increment financing districts that cover approximately 900 acres. These districts are located over some of the pre-1994 areas for community reinvestment.

Are there any other things you would like to mention about the upcoming, or soon-to-be completed, developments, projects etc. ?

We are proud of Mayor Herbst and Vandalia City Council for utilizing American Rescue Plan Funds and grant money, as well as strategic partnerships, to replace playgrounds in the Sports Complex and Helke Park. We are currently working with Montgomery Board of Developmental Disabilities Services on the development of an inclusive and accessible playground, splashpad and restroom facility in Robinette Park. In the next 18-months, I plan to expand the seating in the amphitheater and build out the stage at Art Park. The Tri-Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority, which includes Huber Heights Tipp City and Vandalia, will have to invest more than $100,000,000 in the next few years to improve the collection and treatment systems and meet regulatory requirements.

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