Local ed tech leader Territorium partners with Jobs for the Future to deploy new AI-powered platform

JFF is a national nonprofit that has taken interest in a local ed tech company's new AI-powered technology.

Local ed tech leader Territorium partners with Jobs for the Future to deploy new AI-powered platform

Territorium is a local technology company that provides education to 12 million people worldwide. Its latest investment announcement has brought it one step closer in bringing AI-powered tools and competencies into the mainstream.

Territorium announced on Wednesday that it had secured an investment for LifeJourney -- its new digital platform, designed to "facilitate the transitions and intersections between K-12 and higher education and workforce readiness".

LifeJourney, launched in February, allows students to "take control of their digital credentials, improve their lifetime earning potential through personalized learning, assessment, and career options with a skills-based, data-rich comprehensive learner records (CLR) that each learner's abilities."

Territorium did not reveal how much funding it received, but it did state that it will use the funds "to accelerate and amplify" LifeJourney’s reach.

According to a company spokesperson, the total funding of Territorium as of August 2022 is $5 million.

In a press release, Guillermo Elizondo said that what began as an idea he and his partner had in college, to align skills with opportunities, has evolved into something unimaginable. "I'd like to thank JFF Ventures for supporting Territorium, but more importantly for investing in a more equal workforce for everyone."

"Investing into companies like Terriotrium is in line with our vision of supporting technology solutions that create economic mobility and opportunity for workers today, whether they have a college degree or not, and even if they do, with some college but no credential," said Yigal Kerszenbaum.

According to LinkedIn, Jobs for the Future is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 that works to promote equity in the education and workforce systems. It has more than 500 staff members in three different locations.

JFF Ventures will be launched in October 2022 to manage funds that are exclusively focused on emerging technologies, aimed at increasing economic mobility of workers with low-wage positions. The new investment arm builds upon JFF's acquisition and incubation in 2019 of the Employment Technology Fund, which has invested to date in over 35 high-impact tech startups.