Millennial Investing: Stocks, ETFs, Personal Finance, Student Loans

This article discusses how millennials are investing their money and planning for retirement.

Millennials save and invest differently than their Gen X or Baby Boomer counterparts. But that doesn't mean the spend all their money on avocado toast, and ignore their retirement planning.

What are the millennial investment trends and where does young money go?

This generation of investors is no doubt interested in hot FANG stocks such as Meta Platforms (META), Amazon(AMZN) or Netflix (NFLX), and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Apex, a trade clearing firm, has revealed that Apple (AAPL), is the stock most commonly held by millennial investors. Millennials also do well with stocks such as Federal National Mortgage Association and Snap (SNAP). Apps like Robinhood, Acorns and Stash are also attracting new investors.

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