Mumbai residents have India's cheapest public transport—because their city spends the most

Mumbaikars have the cheapest public transport in India.

Mumbai residents have India's cheapest public transport—because their city spends the most

Mumbaikars, or residents of India's financial capital, are the Indians who spend the least money on transportation amongst all major cities.

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Mumbai has also the highest level of public transport usage, with adequate availability throughout the city including at night. This is according to the Ease of Moving Index (EoMI), India report by the Ola Mobility Institute Foundation, released yesterday (April 25, 2014).

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, also ranks highest for road safety. Mumbai recorded the lowest number road incidents per 100,000 (0.1 million) people in 2021, according to the survey.

The survey conducted in 2021 included more than 50,000 participants, focus groups discussions and government data.

Mumbai's relatively efficient and cost-effective public transport system is the result of investments made by the authorities of the mega urban agglomeration.

Brihanmumbai municipal corporation (BMC), the largest and wealthiest civic body in India, is Mumbai's Brihanmumbai. It has the highest budget among Indian cities for 2023-24: $6.3 million.

The EoMI report stated that "the city has the most affordable suburb rail services, also known as local train." Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority also plans to build more than 180 km of metro network with a budget exceeding $20 billion.

The city can boast about its cheap public transport thanks to such large expenditures.

Mumbai ranks second nationally in terms of mobility behind the nearby Pune-Pimpri Chinchwad. EoMi reported that Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram in the northeastern part of the country. It has the lowest-polluting mobility, and the highest adoption rate for cashless payment of mobility services.

In addition to indicating an improved perception by public transport users of its cleanliness,

In the most recent EoMI report, 12 cities had cleaner public transport services than the one rated in 2018. Ahmedabad was the cleanest.