Nkarta, Inc. (NASDAQ:NKTX) Short Interest Update

of 19.1% from the February 28th total of 2,740,000 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 1,100,000 shares, the short-interest ratio is presently 3.0 days. Nkarta, Inc. (NKTX) saw a 19.1% increase in short interest in March. 3.27 million shares were sold short, compared to 2.74 million in Fe

( ) saw a significant increase in short interest for the month of march. On March 31, there were 3,270,000 short shares, an increase of 45.3% compared to the total of 2,250,000 on March 15. The days-to-cover is 6.5 days based on an average daily share volume of 505,500.

Nkarta: Institutional investors weigh in

Recently, several hedge funds and institutional investors made changes to the positions they hold in the company. Gladius Capital Management LP purchased a position in Nkarta worth about $28,000 during the fourth quarter. Natixis purchased a new Nkarta position during the fourth-quarter worth about $28,000. Advisor Group Holdings Inc. grew its stake in Nkarta during the fourth quarter by 13,661.1%. Advisor Group Holdings Inc. owns 4,954 of the company’s shares worth $29,000, after purchasing an additional 4,918 during the period. Quantbot Technologies LP grew its stake in Nkarta from 39.1% to $36,000 during the first quarter. Quantbot Technologies LP owns now 3,200 shares worth $36,000 of the company stock after purchasing an additional 900 during the period. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd purchased a new Nkarta position during the third-quarter worth about $46,000. NKTX was the subject of several recent analyst reports. Needham & Company LLC reissued a buy' rating on shares of Nkarta and set a price target of $26.00 in a report published on Friday, 17th March. HC Wainwright reissued a buy' rating on Friday, march 17th and set a price target of $30.00 (down from $34.00). Oppenheimer lowered Nkarta's rating from 'outperform to market perform' in a report published on Thursday, December 22, 2013. Eight analysts have given the company's shares a buy or buy-hold rating. According to MarketBeat Nkarta's consensus rating is 'Moderate buy' with a consensus price target of $28.67.

Nkarta Price Performance

The price of the stock rose by $0.05 at midday on Tuesday to $4.66. The company's shares were traded in 263,244 units, as opposed to the average of 516 944. Nkarta's low for the past twelve months is $3.12, and its high for that same period is $20.35. The company's market cap is $228.01 millions, with a PE of -1.74. It also has a beta value of 0.14. The company's simple moving 50-day average is $4.21, and its simple 200-day average is $7.15.

Nkarta Company profile

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Nkarta, Inc., a biopharmaceutical clinical-stage company, develops, and commercializes, cell therapies to treat cancer. The company's cellular immunotherapy approach involves chimeric receptors on the surfaces of natural killer (NK), which enable the cell recognize specific antigens or proteins that are present on tumor cells.

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