Placerville Biergarten nearing opening on Main Street

A new beer garden is being created in a historic building on Main Street in Placerville.

Placerville Biergarten nearing opening on Main Street

The historic building located on Main Street, Placerville is undergoing renovations to create a new beer garden.

Placerville Biergarten is planned at 696 Main St. and will occupy approximately 1,200 square feet of ground floor space in a building that was constructed around the middle 1800s.

The restaurant plans to serve a wide range of craft beers and local wines, including stouts, lagers, and hoppy India pale ale, as well as small plates like panini sandwiches and bratwurst with sauerkraut.

"My partner and I purchased the building last summer and thought it would make a great place for people to come and gather. "We both love beer gardens, and thought that this would be an ideal spot to do so," said Terence Springer who will open the business along with a silent investor.

The interior bar of Placerville Biergarten will seat up to 22 guests and include games like foosball, pool and bar games. On the west side, a beer garden of approximately 1,200 square feet will be built. It will feature picnic tables and games like cornhole.

Springer stated that the Placerville Planning Commission recently approved the design of the outdoor brewery, on which work is currently underway. Placerville Biergarten is hoped to be open in May. Springer stated that he's currently looking for up to twelve employees to staff his business.

Placerville Biergarten is joining the growing list of restaurants and bars along Main Street. Placerville officials approved preliminary plans in late 2022 for a new distillery project led by Burning Barrel Brewing Co. The company is expected to take over the space at 640 Main St. that was previously occupied by Outbreak Brewing Co.