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Daily marijuana use surpasses alcohol consumption, new study finds. Here's what it means for the industry

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Americans are increasingly using marijuana on a daily basis, surpassing the frequency of alcohol consumption, according to a study analyzing 40 years of data. The report examined data from over 1.6 million participants across 27 surveys conducted between 1979 and 2022. While alcohol is still more commonly used overall, daily marijuana use exceeded daily drinking for the first time in 2022, with approximately 17.7 million cannabis users compared to 14.7 million drinkers. The study suggests that younger generations are accepting and using cannabis more frequently, potentially substituting it for alcohol and tobacco. This trend coincides with expectations of relaxed federal regulations on marijuana, creating more opportunities in the cannabis industry. The alcohol sector is responding to changing preferences by exploring partnerships, investments, or acquisitions in the cannabis market. Some analysts anticipate a negative impact on the alcohol industry due to the adoption of cannabis.