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The land of underground treasures up to 12,000 years old

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In travel news this week: A mysterious iron pillar in New Delhi has stood without rust for over 1,600 years. Scientists recently discovered why. India has its own unique half-hour time zone that dates back to the 19th century. Turkey is home to hidden underground wonders, some dating back 12,000 years. The state of air travel in North America has left passengers unhappy. Flight attendants were praised for breaking up a fight on a plane. In Istanbul, a cargo plane landed without its front wheels, and floods caused chaos in Brazil. Various tourist-related issues occurred, including overcrowding and barriers erected to block views. Two co-workers in Berlin ended up having three weddings. A couple’s wedding rings got lost during their ceremony, but two strangers saved the day. A woman left the US for the French Riviera after falling in love with a chef. An Italian town plans to hold nude beach weddings. French bakers set a new world record with a 140-meter baguette. Paris prepares to host the Summer Olympics. An architectural wonder off the Connecticut turnpike is now an eco-friendly hotel. Brazilian airplanes are gaining popularity for short-haul flights and eyeing Boeing’s position. A small part of Spain is located in North Africa. A group fined for making moonshine declared themselves a republic.