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Why increasingly popular Zyn nicotine pouches concern health experts

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A relatively new nicotine product, which is tobacco-free and smokeless, has gained popularity among users. Oral nicotine pouches, which are placed at the gums and are almost undetectable, have seen a surge in demand. The leading brand, introduced in the United States in 2014, shipped a significant number of cans in the previous year. Health professionals and researchers are concerned that these products might attract new users, especially young people. While the pouches are marketed as a tobacco alternative, a nurse practitioner advises against using them to quit smoking until they are regulated by the FDA. The nicotine pouches have varying nicotine strengths and can be discreetly used anywhere. Addiction to nicotine can have serious health consequences and may be particularly difficult to quit for those who started using it as teenagers. Social media has become a platform for unofficial influencers of nicotine products.