Restaurant Brands New Zealand (OTCMKTS:RTBRF) Trading Up 6.9%

1,823,957 shares were traded during trading, an increase of approximately 4,405% from the average volume of 40,927 shares. The stock had previously closed at $4.24. RTBRF stock prices surged 6.9% on Friday with a volume increase of 4,405%.

The shares of ) were up 6.9% at midday on Friday. The company's shares traded up to $4.51, and were last seen at $4.51. A total of 100 shares were traded during the trading session, which is a decrease of 84% compared to the daily average of 636. Stock had closed previously at $4.22.

New Zealand Restaurant Brands Trade Up 6.9%

The average moving price for the business is $3.91 over a period of 50 days. It's $3.93 on a scale of 200 days.

New Zealand Restaurant Brands

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Restaurant Brands New Zealand Ltd. manages quick-service and takeaway restaurants. It offers franchises for KFC Pizza Hut Taco Bell Carl's Jr. It is divided into four geographical segments: New Zealand Australia Hawaii and Corporate Support Function. offers a FREE daily email newsletter