The 4 Best Cordless Vacuums For Easier Cleaning

After testing dozens of cordless vacuums, we've narrowed it down to the best of the best. From Dyson to LG to Tineco, these are the vacuums that impressed us the most.

The 4 Best Cordless Vacuums For Easier Cleaning

Cordless vacuums can save you time and effort by not having to drag out a large vacuum to clean up a small mess or pet hair. These vacuums are battery-powered and don't require you to be tied to an outlet. They're lightweight, versatile and perfect for cleaning up small messes and doing light household chores. Cordless vacuums have improved significantly in recent years, and they offer comparable suction as their full-size equivalents.

The Dyson V15 is the best cordless vacuum we've found. The Dyson V15 Detect is a lightweight, powerful vacuum that can be easily maneuvered around the home. It comes with attachments to clean carpets, hard floors and upholstery. Also, we recommend Dyson Outsize+ to remove pet hair as well as Tineco Pure ONE S11 for a more affordable option.

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The best cordless vacuum cleaner


Easy to Empty

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HEPA filter is only available in the Absolute model.


After testing two Dyson stick vacuums, it's easy to see why the brand is so popular. In our tests, the Dyson V15 Detect performed best all around, removing large debris, dust, pet fur, and dirt from carpets and hard floors. The Dyson V15 Detect comes with seven accessories, more than any other vacuum cleaner we tested. We found its tools and features to be useful for cleaning rather than just gimmicks.

The V15 vacuum cleaner was able, in our tests, to remove debris from all surfaces with just one or even two passes. Its Auto setting also provided enough suction for daily cleaning. We only used the Boost mode when vacuuming a sand pile out of a tight space. On the LCD screen, the vacuum shows a countdown clock that tells you how much battery power you still have. With the Slim Fluffy head, the vacuum runs for about 25 minutes on Auto. The Motorbar, or carpet cleaner, can run the vacuum for 15 minutes. The vacuum ran on Boost for just over 10 minutes, which is standard across all vacuums that we tested. The V15 has an Eco mode that offers up to 60 hours of operation. However, it was not powerful enough for any cleaning task other than removing pet hair from hard floors.

Dyson vacuums come with attachments for almost every use. The Motorhead is the best vacuum for medium and high pile carpets. Its bristles are driven into the carpet and pull up dirt and pet hair. The Motorhead's no-tangle brush was very effective, thanks to the plastic spikes that the brand refers to as 'hair removal vane'. These spikes comb the bristles on every rotation, releasing any hairs trapped in the bristles.

The Slim Fluffy cleaner has a laser that you can activate to show you where you should clean. The motorized hair-screw on the V15 worked well to remove pet hair from furniture. And, the mini soft brush worked great for dusting blinds and shelves. The vacuum comes with a crevice brush, a stubborn dust tool that has stiff nylon bristles to remove dirt and a wall-mounted charging station. The charging dock charges your vacuum automatically when you store it. It can also hold two accessories.

The Dyson V15 Detect is also distinguished from other vacuums by its highly functional design. The Dyson V15 Detect is a lot heavier than models by Greenworks or Eufy but it's still easy to maneuver around furniture and obstacles. To empty the dustbin, remove the vacuum wand, and then push the dustbin lever to shoot debris into the trashcan. With the Tineco Pure ONE S11, we had to remove all debris by hand.

We don't love the design of the V15 because you must hold the trigger-style power switch down while cleaning. This can cause finger fatigue, especially during prolonged cleaning sessions. Also, the standard model does not have a HEPA-filter. HEPA filters can capture finer particles, making them a better option for allergy sufferers or pet owners. Upgrade to the Dyson V15 Detect absolute if you want to achieve this level of advanced filtration.


Dust bin compression lever

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Upholstery tool not effective on pet hair


Filter Type: HEPA 5-stage

The LG CordZero a9 Kompressor, which weighs just 5.95 pounds, is the lightest vacuum we have tested. The LG vacuum felt lighter than the others, despite the fact that they were only a few pounds heavier. This is likely because of its well-balanced construction. This cordless vacuum was the only one we tested to be certified by United States Ergonomics. They offer product testing and certification. The vacuum also comes with a telescoping handle that allows you to adjust the length of the vacuum - perfect for cleaning stairs - and a compression button that can be used to compact hair or other debris into the dustbin.

The LG CordZero, despite only having one brushhead, performed almost as well, if not better, than our overall top pick, the Dyson D15. The vacuum was able pick up pet hair, dust and dirt in only one or two passes. However, it had trouble picking up larger debris such as small stones or clumps from dog toys. It would often push the pieces around on the floor. This vacuum did not do well at cleaning pet hair from furniture. The Power Punch nozzle is not designed to spin a brush. Instead, it has a knobbed surface which vibrates. According to the brand, this will reveal dust and dirt that's embedded in fabric. This tool primarily pushed hairs around the fabric. Instead, we used the floor tool to clean our chair seats.

The standard setting worked well for most jobs, but for a carpet that was particularly dirty we had to raise the suction. The vacuum can only run at its Turbo setting for 8 minutes. However, it has a second battery which is easily swappable, effectively doubling the running time. It is perfect for pet owners as you can pack hair into the dustbin, saving a trip to the garbage can to empty the canister. The lever also allows you to remove all debris without having to touch any dirt or grime.

The LG CordZero A9 offers the best storage options. The portable charging stand is able to simultaneously charge two batteries and can be used either freestanding or mounted on the wall. The stand has two slots for storing accessories.


Two batteries are included.
Laser dirt detection

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No HEPA filter


Filter Type: Whole machine filtration

The Dyson Outsize+ has a design that is similar to our overall top pick. The Outsize is characterized by a larger carpet head and dustbin. The V15's dustbin is 0.75 liters, but the Outsize has a capacity of more than twice that, so you can clean for longer without stopping to empty it. This feature is especially useful for pet hair that quickly fills a vacuum's bin. This high-end vacuum also includes the Digital Motorbar XL which is 25% wider than the V15 carpet head. It also comes with a 2nd battery that doubles your cleaning time.

The Dyson Outsize+ is just as effective at cleaning as the Dyson V15. It was able to remove all of the dirt and dust in our tests. We were particularly impressed by the motorbar's oversize size, which seemed to dig into the carpeting. It removed an incredible amount of pet fur from a dirty area rug. Not a single hair was wrapped around the brushroll. Dyson's detangling hair removal vane system removes long hairs from the brush bar as you clean. The hair-screw, designed to clean furniture, also removed pet hair in a few simple passes. It has the same vanes that are inside the brushroll.

The Auto setting was more than adequate for most cleaning tasks. We never felt the urge to use the Boost setting when cleaning. The vacuum can run for up to 15-minutes at Boost, which is the second-longest runtime among all vacuums. Only the Lupe Pure has a longer runtime (18-minutes). The vacuum can last up to 20 minutes on Auto using the Motorbrush or 25-30 minutes with the Laser Slim Fluffy, which has the same dirt-detecting abilities as the V15. The LCD screen of the vacuum will show you the remaining runtime, regardless of the attachment.

Dyson Outsize+ proves that bigger doesn't always mean better. This vacuum was a bit heavier and off-balanced compared to the V15. This vacuum weighs 8 pounds, which can be a problem for those with mobility issues. It is also a bit large and bulky, so it may not suit the average household.


Performance on multiple surfaces

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Pet hair is not good for you


Filter Type: 4-stage HEPA

The most expensive cordless vacuums can cost up to $700. Tineco Pure ONE S11, our best-tested model in this price range, is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable vacuum. The Tineco Pure ONE S11 has a shorter running time than the other models we tested, with a maximum of 40 minutes in Eco mode. However, it cleans well on different surfaces and comes with automatic suction adjustments that help balance performance and battery life.

Tineco S11 vacuums were able to collect dirt and dust with just one or two passes. However, they had a slight problem picking up larger debris and small rocks. The vacuum's automatic adjustment of suction was impressive. When we drove over large dirt patches, the vacuum increased its suction and the iLoop, a circular LED light around the vacuum screen, lit up red. The feature works better with large dirt particles rather than fine dust. It also helps to prolong the battery life of the vacuum, since it only increases suction when needed. The vacuum's runtime is around 10 minutes if you run it on the Max setting. This was about average for our tests. The vacuum includes a wall-mounted dock for charging. We liked the fact that it has space to store all three accessories.

Tineco S11 vacuum cleaners feel flimsier when compared to other vacuums, such as the Dyson V15 or LG CordFree A9. It feels like it is made of lower-quality plastic. The brush roll of the Tineco S11 does not dig into carpets like the Dyson V15 and LG CordFree A9. We also found that pet hair was wrapped around the motorized carpet cleaning system and the full-size brushroll. Pet hair stuck to the inner filter of the dustbin when we emptied it. We had to remove this by hand. This cordless vacuum cleaner is designed for light cleaning and not for homes with a lot of pet hair.

Other things you should be aware of

Although technically a cordless model, the Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum is more like an upright vacuum. The only vacuum that we tested to stand up on its on, it performed well on carpets, removing dirt, hair, and other debris with just a few passes. The Lupe also boasts the longest power runtime, with 18 minutes of continuous use on a single battery charge. The design is not as versatile and easy to use as you would expect for a cordless cleaner. The vacuum we tested was much larger than others, and the large brush head made it difficult to maneuver around obstructions and into tight corners. This vacuum is a good choice for cleaning carpeted flooring, but not for furniture or stairs.

The Tineco Pure ONE S15 Pet, despite being the newest model of the brand's range, did not seem to have any notable improvements over the S11. The brush roll was still clogged with pet hair (which is odd for a vacuum that is marketed towards pet owners). It also comes with a charging stand which is handy, but it's not worth the extra cost.

Greenworks Deluxe Cordless Stick vacuum needed to make more passes than other models we tested in order to remove pet hair and dirt from carpets. It also had the shortest running time on the highest setting at just 8 minutes. It's nice that the battery life is shown by a countdown, but it didn't compare to our top pick.

Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity has some nice features including an additional battery and interchangeable brushes, but its construction is less durable and its performance is below average.

Our experts recommended the Samsung Jet 75+ Cordless Vacuum which had similar specs as our winners. Unfortunately, we did not receive a sample for testing in time.

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Since 2005, I have been testing cleaning products, such as vacuums and mop heads. As well as reviewing them for my job, I have also had plenty of personal experience with both cordless and standard vacuums. My two golden retrievers seem to leave a constant supply of hair around my house.