These were the most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (April 5-10)

The most expensive homes in the area are displayed in the attached gallery.

These were the most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (April 5-10)

Many Louisville residents continue to search for their perfect home despite recent market trends of reduced inventory.

The gallery below shows the most expensive houses sold in the first part of April.

The gallery for this week features five houses, specifically from April 5 to April 10. The homes are listed in order of "cheapest" to "most expensive".

This time, one of the houses sold for more than $1 million and another was close to it. After that, we get to lower prices.

Below you can see the houses. You can see that one of the homes is a very recent build.

In this gallery, I only look at single-family houses. To ensure an apples to apples comparison, I excluded vacant lots, multi-home purchase, apartment complexes, and duplexes.

Ashley Fahey is the real estate editor at Business Journals. She reports that, nationwide, spring 2023 will be a very different housing market than 2021 or 2022. It is not a typical market before the pandemic, but several factors are combining to make this market different.

The housing market has been constrained by a housing shortage, and the fact that fewer people are putting their houses on the marketplace after locking in low rates during the pandemic.

Check out my article on a showcase of new houses that local builders will be presenting through May 7th.

This showcase includes homes from 15 neighborhoods in Metro Louisville, most of which are located in the eastern part (although one is in Southern Indiana). Some of the neighborhoods are Discovery Point in Shelbyville in Kentucky, Bluegrass Meadows at Mount Washington in Kentucky, Silver Creek Meadows on Southern Indiana, and The Overlook in East Louisville.