Top of the List: Largest mechanical contractors in the Dayton region

The Top 10 companies in 2023 are:1. Google 2. Amazon 3. Facebook 4. Apple 5. IBM 6. Microsoft 7. Oracle 8. Intel 9. HP 10. SAP

Top of the List: Largest mechanical contractors in the Dayton region

Mechanical contractors are experiencing significant growth in Dayton, Ohio. This is due to the high demand that has followed the pandemic. Others, however, continue to struggle in terms of workforce.

Dayton Business Journal has released a list of 2023 mechanical contractors.

The average revenue growth for the companies listed was 36.6% between 2021-2022. Air Kirks Services Inc. saw the biggest revenue increase, from $300,000.00 in 2021 to $1.50 million in 2022. This is a 400% jump. Only two of the companies listed saw revenue declines.

Most contractors reported that they had a steady backlog for the rest of the year. Companies cited staffing as a major challenge because of the lack of skilled trade workers.

The list of 2023 shows a wide range of employment gains and losses. Some companies experienced employment losses as high as 20%, while others saw growth in their workforce ranging from 5% up to 150%.

Over 1,500 local employees are employed by the contractors listed. Air Kirks Services Inc. had the largest employment increase in the past year, at 166.7%. Its employment went from three to eight.

Click on the slideshow below to view the top 10 mechanical contractors by employment in the area.

Rieck, founded in 1892, is the oldest company in the top five and the oldest construction company in 2023. Solid Blend Technologies was founded in 1999, 24 years after the oldest company on the list.