VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund (LON:VOF) Stock Price Up 0.7%

The price of's shares rose by 0.7% on Thursday. The stock price of the company rose to GBX $429 ($5.41) before trading at GBX $429 ($5.41). Around 150,251 share changed hands at midday, which is a decrease of 6% compared to the daily average of 159.584 shares. The stock closed the previous day at GBX426 ($5.38).

VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Price performance

The stock's market capitalization is PS688.50m, with a P/E ratio of -239.66. It also has a beta value of 0.47. The company's 50-day moving price is GBX 429.65, and its 200 day moving price is GBX 449.67. A dividend was also announced by the firm, and will be paid out on May 11th. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who held shares on the record date of Thursday, April 6. This dividend yield is 1.18%. The ex-dividend day is April 6th. VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund has a dividend payout ratio of -670.39%.

VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund

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VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Limited is a private equity fund that specializes in investments. The fund will invest 80 percent of the portfolio in private equity, and 20 percent on equitizations projects. The fund makes private investments. The fund invests in stocks from companies that operate across a wide range of sectors. offers a FREE daily email newsletter