Walmart stores are getting a new look. Here's what the redesigned stores look like

Walmart is trying out a new look and unveiled over a hundred revamped stores on Monday that have been recalibrated in an effort to not only pull in more dealhunters but also keep them shopping in its…

Walmart stores are getting a new look. Here's what the redesigned stores look like

Walmart unveiled on Monday over one hundred revamped store that are designed to attract more customers, and also keep them longer in the stores.

Walmart wants to encourage people to buy things other than everyday essentials, like groceries.

Customers flocked to big-box stores during the pandemic for all sorts of gadgets that they could use at home, such as large televisions and exercise machines. When people returned to their lives before the pandemic, and inflation began to bite, they stopped making these kinds of discretionary buys.

Walmart has done better in recent months than Target and other competitors, but it is not immune from consumers who are more focused on their needs rather than their wants. Walmart has been able to compete with Target and its other rivals on food sales but has had a difficult time getting shoppers to purchase items like electronics and home goods that generate much higher profits.

Walmart has reopened 117 of its stores in 30 different states, at a cost half a million dollars. This is to encourage customers to shop throughout the entire store. These stores are part an ongoing $9 billion in investment over the last two years for updating more than 1,400 stores of Walmart's more than 4,500 nationwide.

Walmart said that the makeovers were meant to modernize both the appearance and experience of its stores.

Walmart's pharmacies are now located in the front of the store, and they have private screening rooms.

The retailer stated that the new stores also feature home goods such as bedding in end-of-aisle touch-and feel displays to encourage shoppers to interact with them.

Walmart has remodeled its stores and added new 'dollar shops,' 'with seasonal products at everyday low prices,' as well as a Grab & Go food section, which includes wraps, cold drinks, or sandwiches.

Walmart has been trying to boost sales and the photos may not show an entirely different store.