Zomato's new pay structure has prompted 1,000 delivery workers to quit

Zomato's Blinkit delivery workers in Delhi have quit due to a revised pay structure.

Zomato's new pay structure has prompted 1,000 delivery workers to quit


The revised pay structure of Zomato's Blinkit employees has upset them so much, that they have quit. Around 1,000 instant delivery executives in Delhi and the surrounding area.

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Blinkit has around 3,000 delivery executives working in the region. Economic Times reported that many of the employees who left have joined rival companies like Swiggy’s Instamart or Zepto.

Blinkit's competitors have seen a recent surge in their business as a result of disruptions caused by protests and shut downs.

Unrest among Blinkit employees of Zomato was first noticed earlier this month.

Each worker will receive a minimum payment of $0.18 for each delivery under the new pay-out system. The amount increases as the distance is increased. They all used to receive a fixed amount of $0.30.

Workers say that the change in their earnings has been reduced.

Around 25% of Blinkit’s 370 dark shops in Delhi National Capital Region were permanently shut down as a result of the protest. Dark stores are used to store goods for online orders.

Zomato, on the other hand, has denied that it had any effect on its business.

In a BSE filing filed on April 19, Zomato stated that "We have changed the...payout structures...to improve the customer experience, reduce fraud and cancel/reject orders ..."."

It said that "such changes are made as and when needed".